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Cooking oil ATM Price in Kenya

Cooking oil ATM Price in Kenya
Cooking oil ATM Price in Kenya
Cooking oil ATM Price in Kenya

Cooking Oil ATM Price in Kenya

Capacity Tank Category Price(KSH)
20L No Small 40,000/=
40L No Medium 42,000/=
40L Yes Medium 48,000/=
50L No Big 45,000/=
50L Yes Big 52,000/=
60L No Big 47,000/=
60L Yes Big 55,000/=

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In the vibrant and diverse culinary landscape of Kenya, the introduction of innovative technologies has become a game-changer, catering to the evolving needs of households and businesses alike. One such groundbreaking innovation is the Cooking Oil ATM, a solution that has transformed the way people access and utilize cooking oil. If you are looking to invest in one you will learn how you can get the best cooking oil ATM price in Kenya and take advantage of this innovative technology.

Cooking oil is a key ingredient in Kenyan kitchens, used in everything from traditional stews to modern recipes influenced by global culinary trends. However, the conventional method of acquiring cooking oil often involves a trip to the local market or grocery store, presenting challenges such as long queues, fluctuating prices, and limited availability.

Imagine a world where buying cooking oil is as simple as withdrawing cash from an ATM. No more lugging heavy bottles, battling crowded supermarkets, or worrying about running out at inconvenient times. This is the convenience you get with a cooking oil ATM.

Recognizing the need for a more convenient and efficient way to access cooking oil, the concept of Cooking Oil ATMs was born. These innovative machines are strategically placed in various locations across Kenya, providing easy access to high-quality cooking oil 24/7. The aim is to streamline the cooking oil procurement process, offering a hassle-free experience for consumers and more money in the bank for your business.

Does investing in an oil ATM make sense for your business?

Before you make the leap into this technology, you are probably wondering whether it is a worthwhile investment for you. To clearly determine this, two factors are important; the cooking oil ATM price in Kenya (that is how much you buy it for) and how much money it can generate for your business on a daily basis.

If you own a shop, you already know how much cooking oil you sell per month or day and how much profit this generates for you. But, with a cooking oil ATM you can make so much more. This is because the atm dispenses oil with as low as 10 kshs attracting more customers to your shop. Some people have to wait until they have enough to buy 500ml or 1L bottles of oil. With the ATM, your customers can conveniently access cooking oil for as little as 10 kshs encouraging more purchases.

Our oil ATM machine price in Kenya is suitable for any business in Kenya from small, medium to large and established shops. We understand that our machines are best suited for densely populated areas with low to middle income earners and college students. Any business in such areas and underserved rural areas can take advantage of our machines.

Strategically placed machines around the country are seeing profits of almost 3,000 per day. If you sell more than 80 liters a day with 35/= profit per liter you can see just how much more you will be able to make. Not to mention, as more customers come to your shop to enjoy this convenience, the sales of other items in your shop will also increase. People don’t have time to visit multiple shops buying single items so you benefit more.

You do not have to own a shop to invest in a salad oil ATM. If you have little capital to start a business buying a cooking oil atm can be a great idea. You will only need to purchase the machine, rent a space at your local shop (a grocery shop can work well) and buy cooking oil in bulk say a 20-liter container. With those three items in place your business is up and running.

We are living in very tough economic times and most people in the country are unable to purchase a full one liter of cooking oil at once. These people still need to enjoy the benefits of salad oil as opposed to cooking with solid oil. Investing in a cooking oil ATM machine helps you to serve so many deserving customers with a product they use multiple times a day.

Finally, a cooking oil ATM brings the benefit of cost effectiveness to your customers. You will get cooking oil in bulk from distributors and direct company sales agents which reduces your purchase price. The distribution process is optimized reducing the need for expensive retail infrastructure that raises the prices of commodities. As such, you can lower the cooking oil price slightly to attract more customers to your shop. The more people come to your shop, the better for your business.

Where to buy cooking oil ATM in Kenya

Wondering where to buy cooking oil ATM in Kenya ? Our company is your Gateway to the best cooking oil ATMs in Kenya. We are at the forefront of this new technology in the country ensuring that you get it at the affordable cooking oil ATM machine price in Kenya. We have invested heavily in this technology to bring you an accurate system that can easily be calibrated to your liking.

Here is why you should choose our cooking oil ATMs;

  • Easy calibration – our machines are made with ease of use in mind. They use a programmable logic controller that can be calibrated to your liking. This ensures you are able to make sales to the last liter even if you are not there manning the ATM machine 24/7.
  • Superior quality build – you don’t want to invest in a machine today and it breaks tomorrow. Our machines are made using only high quality materials to ensure longevity. We understand the conditions these machines may be exposed to at the shop and we have ensured that for years to come our machines will still be standing and operating as required.
  • Food grade materials – we care about your customers and want them to live a long healthy life. We have used food grade materials for all the parts that come into contact with the cooking oil including the pipes, pump and tanks. You can rest easy knowing the health of your customers has been prioritized.
  • Affordability – well, as a Kenyan company we understand just how difficult it can be to get enough capital for a viable business or even to get more money to pump into your existing business. As such we have ensured a quality product at the best salad machine price in Kenya. With the expected daily profits, the investment will quickly pay for itself and profits will start pouring into your pocket.
  • Branding – to ensure customers know what you are offering, our cooking oil ATMs are branded to your preferences. We can use your business colors, your logos and names in the branding which clearly showcasing what the ATM is for. We offer customized branding so you can speak to your customers in a language they best understand.
  • Multiple payment systems – to ensure you keep all your customers satisfied, our salad oil ATMs have the ability to accept cash and also Mpesa. The system can also be integrated with any other payment systems you might want.
  • Easy accounting – our salad oil ATMS are smart enough to help with your accounting. They can calculate the liters sold at the end of the day and amount made. This way you can keep tabs on your business if you have an employee working the ATM.
  • In built heating – in cold weather salad oil may solidify which can pose a problem for your business. We have handled this problem by adding heating to our oil ATMs so you can keep the oil heated and liquid at all times for easy dispensing.
  • Security – you have total control of your cooking oil ATM. They are password protected and tamper proof.

The cooking oil ATM in Kenya has emerged as a revolutionary technology shaping the way people in the country are accessing and using cooking oil. It is a no brainer that if you don’t join the bandwagon you will get left behind. Only businesses that move forward and adopt new ideas keep growing in this country. If you want to increase your sales and earn more, then you might want to consider investing in a cooking oil ATM.

Join the cooking oil ATM revolution

Our company is at the forefront of this exciting innovation. We customize our cooking oil ATMs to cater to your needs. From branding on the ATM, to payment technology we will build your oil ATM to your specifications. Our machines are compact and don’t take up lots of space on your shop making them ideal for even small shops with limited space.

Our products are doing more than just sell oil. They are offering;

  • Access to this essential commodity in underserved areas
  • Entrepreneurial opportunities to Kenya
  • Reduced wastage of oil

Don’t wait any longer!! Invest in a salad oil machine today and get value for your money. We offer the best cooking oil ATM price in Kenya for our products so you can recoup your investment quickly.